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EasyCard unveils summer internship program for university students

EasyCard unveils summer internship program for university students

EasyCard Corp. unveils internship program for summer

As the summer holiday season approaches, EasyCard Corporation announced Sunday its plan to stage the “2015 Summer Elite Internship Program” for university students, an eight-week learning course that comes with a NT$46,000 allowance for those eligible.

The event has been initiated to help students gain some form of work experience before they graduate from tertiary education. It also enables the company to build its talent database as its existing services further expand.

Students from all faculties and institutions across the nation are eligible to apply. The selection process will be carried out after interviews are conducted, according to the EasyCard Corporation.

Internship will begin from July 13 to September 4, an eight-week program which also covers labor, health and group insurances. Those interested can apply through the company’s classified ad posted on the job bank from June 22 to 26.

The EasyCard has since expanded from payment on the Taipei MRT and other public transport services in Taipei to include convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, and other retailers. Similar to conventional electronic fare systems, the card employs RFID technology to operate without physical contact. They are available for purchase at all MRT stations and all chain convenience stores.

Updated : 2021-09-29 05:06 GMT+08:00