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Vietnamese spouse teaches the community Vietnamese

Vietnamese spouse teaches the community Vietnamese

Fan Tai-xia, a Vietnamese spouse living in Chiayi, gives Vietnamese lessons in the local community and attracts many residents to join the class. Fan has also formed a “new immigrants association” with other foreign spouses, taking part in community charity events together.

The students from the class are those who are interested in learning Vietnamese, and they all have different reasons for learning the language. Some of them are the husbands or children of Vietnamese migrants, and some are the owners of factories which employ Vietnamese, with owners and their wives attending classes in order to have a better communication with their workers.

Fan also indicated that many events held for the new immigrants are in the city center, but meanwhile, there are many foreign spouses living in Minxiong Township. That is the main reason why she wants to run the “new immigrants association.” Although it could be tiring, but it is really worth it, she said.

Updated : 2021-09-18 10:53 GMT+08:00