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Chen calls for respect towards the law enforcement officers

Chen calls for respect towards the law enforcement officers

Kuo Wei-chi, who bravely finished a cycling tour around Taiwan by overcoming her physical challenges earlier this month, participated in Thursday’s “Love Police i-voting” award ceremony. To show her gratitude and respect towards the police force, she gave one of her paintings to Chen Kuo-en, the director general of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior as a gift.

To help the general public understand the jobs of the police and their contribution to the order of the society, the National Police Agency (NPA) hosts a short story-writing competition. The winner of the essay section is a young policeman who serves in Hsinchu County. The story points out many citizens demand services that are not included in the police’s duties, which undermines the professions. And the unreasonable criticism and humiliation from the public ruins the dignity of the police.

Chen respects how the police endure humiliation throughout their tasks. He encourages the police to do what they are suppose to do despite the slanders. Chen said Taiwan was once rated the second safest country to travel in the world on an international travel website because of the police’s effective hard work. Besides, the police’s internal mutual evaluation, exterior business and assistance to local governments will be simplified successively. Hence, the police force will be able to focus more on law enforcement and fighting crimes.

Tsai Chun-chang, the deputy director general of NPA, said the writing contest and micro films competition shows the excellence and multi talented side of the police force. He announced the book “Heart of the Police” will be published on July 10.

Septicemia caused by a normal cold resulted in the amputation of Kuo’s four limbs when she was a kid, and her grandfather took good care of Kuo. To commemorate her grandfather, an old police officer who passed away years ago due to stroke, Kuo carried a portrait of her grandfather and conquered Mt. Yushan in 2014. Kuo then started a campaign “Bike around Taiwan for the police officers”, which she visited all police departments island-wide, to pay her respect to the police and to mourn for her grandfather.

Updated : 2021-09-22 18:49 GMT+08:00