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Chinese dishwasher wins NIA “dream achiever” award

Chinese dishwasher wins NIA “dream achiever” award

Qing Taiyin, a Chinese spouse who moved to Taiwan 14 years ago, works two jobs to support her family because her husband suffered from injuries at work. She has to wash hundreds of dishes and silverware every day, she even pretends that she has already had dinner in front of her kids, and gives the only meal box to her two daughters. She won the “dream achiever” award from the National Immigration Agency and finally has the money for them to go to the art classes.

Qing said that working two jobs was extremely exhausting; she has to pay for the NT$9,000 rent and her husband’s medical expenses from her NT$20,000 salary, and often runs out of money by the end of the month. The four members of her family sometimes could only buy two meal boxes, and she often pretended that she was not hungry or had already eaten while she had not.

Although her life was hard, especially in the winter time, her hands usually were hurt and reddish, but thinking of her two daughters made everything worth it. She also said that she will work harder and try to give them better living conditions.

Updated : 2021-09-26 17:04 GMT+08:00