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Nanan Junior High wins 3rd place in dodgeball

Nanan Junior High wins 3rd place in dodgeball

Members of Nanan Junior High dodge ball team are mostly foreign-born Taiwanese, or from single-parent and underprivileged families. They spent lots of time practicing, and won the third place at the national dodgeball championships, surprising all the participants in the game.

There are 156 students studying at Nanan Junior High School. The school administration formed the dodgeball team to encourage the students to do more sport, and 25 students joined the team last year. The team was new in the dodgeball field, so not many people knew about them. However, they won third place in the national championships which drew much attention. The leader of the team, Dong Yu-shuan, said, “Practice makes perfect.” There are no other ways to win the game unless you keep practicing.

The school indicated that you can tell their hard working by their tanned skin, and they are really glad the students found their interests and strengthened their confidence by playing dodgeball.

Updated : 2021-09-26 00:43 GMT+08:00