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I-mei questions the testing results of rice dumplings

I-mei questions the testing results of rice dumplings

Known as a role model of food manufacturing in Taiwan, I-Mei Food Co. requested local health authorities Wednesday to re-examine the leaf wrappings of their rice dumplings after they were found to contain sulfur dioxide (SO2) exceeding maximum acceptable level.

As the Dragon Boat Festival draws closer, Taoyuan's Public Health Department sampled 80 ingredients found in rice dumpling fillings to safeguard the health of nationals. Rice dumplings are traditionally made from glutinous rice with fillings that may include pork, egg yolk, peanuts, mushrooms, and other ingredients, which are wrapped together in bamboo leaves and usually steamed. The department publicized the testing results earlier on Wednesday.

I-Mei said it regularly sampled its bamboo leaves batch by batch and washes the leaves carefully.

According to the local media, one of the 17 rice dumplings sampled was found to contain E. coli (Escherichia coli) exceeding acceptable level of 1000MPN/g. Meanwhile, seven of the 22 rice dumplings whose wrappings were also found to contain high levels of sulfur dioxide, including one from I-Mei and one from Hsin Tung Yang Food Co.

The sulfur dioxide added in the bamboo leaves of rice dumplings is used to extend its preservation period. However, it can be diluted when rinsed in warm water or through immersion.

Updated : 2021-09-22 00:53 GMT+08:00