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Lithuanian associate professor granted Taiwan residency

Lithuanian associate professor granted Taiwan residency

Aurelijus Vijunas, an associate professor from Lithuania who has been teaching at National Kaohsiung Normal University for 9 years received Taiwan residency the other day. Vijunas specializes in Old English and Middle English, and he is also a rare specialist in this field in the world. The director-general of the National Immigration Agency decided to offer him Taiwanese residency, to thank him for his contributions to the country.

The chief of the department, Lee Tsuei-yu, indicated that Vijunas is a professional talent dedicated to teaching English. He insisted that English majors must take the Old English and Middle English credits, because they represent English culture and history, just like the Oracle bone script in Mandarin.

Vijunas is highly interested in Taiwanese culture and has married an aboriginal Taiwanese wife. He said that he is really excited about receiving Taiwanese residency, as he really loves it here.

Updated : 2021-09-21 13:50 GMT+08:00