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Q&A on history of Berkeley building where balcony collapsed

Q&A on history of Berkeley building where balcony collapsed, killing 6

Q&A on history of Berkeley building where balcony collapsed

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) -- The site of a fatal balcony collapse is one of Berkeley's biggest downtown developments in recent years. Here are some answers about the apartment complex where six people were killed and seven more injured:


The complex is called Library Gardens and it opened in January 2007. There are 176 residential apartments with a mix of one- and two- bedroom units and 3,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is between $1,918 and $2,520, according to online advertisements. Two-bedroom apartment rent for between $2,530 and $3,400 a month. Four of the units have small balconies. City officials have barred anyone from accessing the three remaining balconies until they are inspected.



The 64,500 square foot complex is located in the heart of downtown Berkeley. It is two blocks from the University of California, Berkeley, and close to Berkeley City College. It is just blocks away from public transportation like the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and next door to the city's library.



A mix of long-term and short-term residents. Many University of California, Berkeley students live in the complex during the school year. Berkeley in general and the apartment complex in particular have become popular places for Irish college students with work visas to spend the summer.



It is currently owned by a real estate fund for which New York-based financial firm BlackRock serves as the investment adviser. The fund purchased the property from its original developer after construction was completed in 2007. Alameda County Assessor records today value the apartments at $65 million, and the owners pay close to $1 million a year in property taxes. The firm said it is sending its own structural engineer to investigate the accident.

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