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Chinese tourists pick coral reefs in Taitung

Chinese tourists pick coral reefs in Taitung

Chinese tourists steal coral reefs in Taitung

A few days ago, a group of Chinese tourists stirred up anger among the Taiwanese when they used rocks to break the corals located at the Fushan Fishery Recovery Area just to see the eels hidden underneath. Another case of Chinese tourist handpicked the corals and tried to take them home occurred in the afternoon on June 15.

The conservation volunteers at the Shanyuan beach immediately informed the police when they saw a Chinese tourist walked far into the reef rocks. The Chinese tourist was caught picking 4 different types of corals and sea shells at the spot. He told the prosecutors of Taitung District Prosecutors Office nervously that he wanted to show his grandchildren the beautiful corals. The Chinese tourist was fined and his case will be passed on to the Chinese government.

“It’s very common to see Chinese tourists picking stones and sea shells at the beach despite that it’s against the laws,” Chen Yu-lin,the conservation volunteer said helplessly.

Updated : 2021-09-18 10:06 GMT+08:00