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Sister Genesia returns to Switzerland after 50 years of services in Taiwan

Sister Genesia returns to Switzerland after 50 years of services in Taiwan

Sister Genesia dedicated 50 years of her life to the remote district in Taitung. However, she decided to return to Switzerand because she felt her deteriorating health hinders her from serving the Taiwanese. Many people went to bid her farewell and thanked her for everything she has done for Taiwan when she left Taiwan on June 15.
Sister Genesia came to Taiwan with a couple of nuns and priests in 1965. They stayed on the mountains of the East Coast because they felt the medical quality and service were very low. Sister Genesia was a trained nurse, she provides free or $5 to $10 dollars services. If the elders live in even more remote areas, she will ride her scooter and visit them personally. The residence in the area adores her. The patients not only came in for physical treatment, they seek psychological comfort as well. Sister Genesia listened quietly to all the complaints, sorrows, angers and problems of all patients and residents. She cried with them, shared their pains and gave them the warmth they needed. Through years of experience, Sister Genesia believes the “medicine for the heart” is vital for the well-being of mankind.

“I am grateful for the Taiwanese. I really love Taiwan,” said Sister Genesia. However, Sister Genesia is 82 years old and she felt her old age has affected her health conditions, which hinders her from serving Taiwanese. Therefore, she decided to return to Switzerland. She said there will be a group of young care givers who will take care of her.

Paster Lu Jyun-yi and several church members bought Sister Genesia a business class ticket so she can be more comfortable on her flight home. “This is the only thing that Taiwanese can do for her,” sighed Pastor Lu.

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