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Remains of parents involved in 2006 filicide identified

Remains of parents involved in 2006 filicide identified

Taipei, June 15 (CNA) A pair of skeletal remains have been identified as belonging to a couple suspected of having murdered their five children in Hualien in 2005, according to an Institute of Forensic Medicine (IFM) announcement released Monday. A local hunter discovered the remains in a hilly area of Hualien June 10. The IFM confirmed that the remains were those of Liu Chih-chin (???) and Lin Chen-mi (???), the parents of five children who were found dead in their home in September 2006. The five children included Liu's 18- and 17-year-old sons from a previous marriage, as well as three daughters aged 12, 9 and 8 from his marriage to Lin. Police said they were found dead stacked on top of each other in the bathroom of their residence, with their hands and legs bound with wire. Police at the time noted that the door of the bathroom was sealed tight with tape and that the children might have died of suffocation three days before their remains were discovered. However, due to scant evidence, the filicide remains shrouded in mystery, while the police have yet to establish a clear motive for the crime. As the recently discovered bone remains have degraded after being exposed to the elements for the past nine years, identification was a tremendous challenge, said IFM Director-General Tu Da-ren (???). It required painstaking collaboration between the institute's forensic pathology, toxicology, genetics and trace evidence divisions to identify the remains through DNA analysis. IFM forensics examiner Hsiao Kai-ping (???) said the couple might have taken their own lives by hanging or ingesting poison. The IFM said it had submitted the findings to the Hualien District Prosecutors Office. (By Tsai Pei-chi, Lee Hisen-feng and Ted Chen)

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