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MERS outbreak brings woman and son back to Taiwan

MERS outbreak brings woman and son back to Taiwan

As MERS continues to show no signs of relenting in South Korea which led to 16 deaths and a confirmed number of patients totaling 150 people, a Taiwanese blogger married to a South Korean named “Kelly” has decided to flee the country with her son to Taiwan after the government failed to contain the outbreak.

The blogger posted a comment on her facebook page Monday citing slow emergency response by the Korean government as well as the laissez-faire attitude of the local populace, who seldom wore a face mask as precaution to the disease.

Although the situation is not as dire as depicted in Taiwan’s news media, measures taken by the government to counter the epidemic have been low, she exclaimed.

“The public doesn’t seem to care about MERS, which is one of the possible reasons why the outbreak is unstoppable.”

Health authorities in South Korea initially pledged to contain the number of patients after it saw the third person infected in the country. However, the toll has since risen to 150.

The fourth person affected with MERS was the ambulance driver who drove the third patient to hospital.

“We’ve decided to flee the country as I was afraid my child would be infected,” she said.

The blogger published a story describing South Korean’s seemingly lack of personal hygiene, with examples such as spitting in public, not washing their hands after urinal, and coughing/sneezing without closing their mouths. In terms of dining customs, South Koreans don’t usually have the habit of using serving spoons/chopsticks as hygienic purposes, however the situation is fast improving, she explained.

Updated : 2021-09-18 03:47 GMT+08:00