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Vietnam spouse becomes “Queen of Tea”

Vietnam spouse becomes “Queen of Tea”

A Vietnamese spouse surnamed Nguyen became a tea expert after getting married to her husband whose family runs a tea business. She even defeated other experienced tea farmers and won the title “Queen of Tea”.

Nguyen was a high school English teacher in Vietnam, and she started to learn the technique of making tea after moving to Taiwan. She introduced the process of making tea to the director of the National Immigration Agency's Taoyuan office, Lin Wan-yi. Nguyen said that she was very grateful that the NIA Taoyuan office helped her to get her residency, so she could focus on the skills of making tea. Lin also said that the new immigrants are very talented, they need more opportunity to learn and work.

Nguyen said life is full of surprises. She started to make tea only because she married her husband who ran a tea shop as a family business. She was very glad to have won the tea making award and hopes to keep making progress, giving the public even more good tea.

Updated : 2021-09-18 01:33 GMT+08:00