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Three suspects ordered detained in Clouded Leopard scandal

Three suspects ordered detained in Clouded Leopard scandal

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taichung District Court approved the detention of three suspects Friday in the scandal surrounding the supply of substandard parts for the “Clouded Leopard” Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
The investigation centers on the production of substandard elements, some of them in China, for the CM-32 Clouded Leopard armored vehicles, which are made in Taiwan.
C&F Technology chief Hsu Ching-shun, Yi Rong Technology Co. chief Chang Kuang-ming and military employee Lee Ti-kuang had seen their detention approved by the Taichung District Court.
The highest amount of bail was the NT$5 million (US$161,500) set for Chiang Yi-fu, the chairman of Chung Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, reports said. A further dozen military officials and business people had seen their bail set inside a range from NT$200,000 (US$6,460) to NT$2 million, reports said. The list included four people whom prosecutors had requested to be detained.
Lee reportedly accepted payments in return for approving the use of faulty systems in the manufacturing of the Clouded Leopard which could cause fuel leakages and problems with the brakes, reports said. Hsu reportedly supplied some of the substandard parts and paid off military officials.
The fate of at least three top managers at Chung Hsin was still being discussed by the court, but barely a day after the company’s offices had been raided in connection with the armored vehicles, they were inspected again Friday in a completely unrelated case.
Investigators reportedly visited Chung Hsin and four other companies listed on the stock market for alleged irregularities in the project for the athletes’ village for the 2017 Universiade Games in Taipei.

Updated : 2021-09-20 10:34 GMT+08:00