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Milan appeals for help managing migrants

Milan appeals for help managing migrants as hundreds sleep in train station

Milan appeals for help managing migrants

MILAN (AP) -- Milan city officials are appealing for help in managing the huge number of migrants arriving from southern Italy after rescue at sea as rising numbers are unable to find beds and are sleeping in the train station.

The city's top welfare official is appealing to station officials to provide space for new arrivals to receive help away from the main arrivals hall and for health officials to establish a permanent presence.

The Red Cross on Thursday dispatched a team in response to reports of scabies "given the very serious situation ... where hundreds of migrants are staying in the entrance hall."

The Progetto Arca charity says about 350 migrants have slept in and around the station the last two nights because of a lack of beds in city-organized centers.

Updated : 2021-09-28 21:04 GMT+08:00