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Taitung authorities confirm dried shrimps to contain chemicals

Taitung authorities confirm dried shrimps to contain chemicals

As part of the latest inspections in a long line of food scandals overshadowing food makers in Taiwan, health authorities in Taitung announced Thursday another case of tainted items that contain excessive chemical substances.

Among the 44 produce inspected by authorities in Taitung, four types of dried shrimps were found to contain excessive amount of formaldehyde, and three of which also carried traces of sulphur dioxide (commonly known as bleach.)

With the Dragon Boat festival coming around the corner, Taitung health department began carrying out inspections on items that may be used to make rice dumplings, which typically include dried shrimps and mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and other miscellaneous dried vegetables.

The sweep of inspections encompassed traditional markets, wholesale food distributors, supermarkets, and malls across Taiwan’s southeast coastal city.

Authorities warned businesses to keep track of the quality of their produce, and exercise self-control by not purchasing undervalued goods in order to reap huge profits. Meanwhile, they also advised consumers not to buy items that appear dodgy or unnaturally colored.

Distributors have been ordered to remove and destroy these tainted items immediately.

Updated : 2021-09-28 06:02 GMT+08:00