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Popularity of Southeast Asian languages on the rise

Popularity of Southeast Asian languages on the rise

With the rising power of ASEAN and public interest in Southeast Asia, more and more Southeast Asian language lessons can be found in recent days. According to observations by the Southeast Asian language teaching agency, 70 percent of the learners are motivated by being sent to a branch office in Southeast Asia or preparing for the governmental exam, and 30 percent of them are simply just interested in language learning.

Many colleges and associations have opened Southeast Asian language courses. SEAMi, a Southeast Asian studio, has become the learning center for languages from the region. Lin Chu-xi, the director of SEAMi, said that there are many industrial zones in Taoyuan, so the residents have many chances of running into new immigrants, but they didn’t know how to interact with them, so when the studio opened, many residents from the neighborhood came to inquire if they provided relevant lessons.

Another Southeast Asian studio, Best Times, also provides the place for language teaching, including Burmese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian. Director Chang Zheng said that many mothers brought their kids to learn the language for visiting their fathers who work in Southeast Asia.

Updated : 2021-09-27 16:04 GMT+08:00