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Quotes from voters in this week's AP Global Football 10

Quotes from voters in this week's Associated Press Global Football 10

Quotes from voters in this week's AP Global Football 10

LONDON (AP) -- Quotes from voters in this week's Associated Press Global Football 10


Tom Timmermann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States

"We sing the greatness of Barcelona, and rightly so. Real Madrid, which has a really great team, might well have won in any other league on the planet, but happened to be in the same nation as Barcelona, the same nation as a team that has a guy named Messi."

Marco Monteverde, News Corp., Australia

"While Barcelona rightly topped the poll given their feats, Juventus deserve fantastic credit for winning the Italian double and pushing their way back into the picture in European competition. I'd love to see if Messi and Ronaldo could score as many goals and be so dominant if they played in the Serie A."

Manos Staramopoulos, Dimocratia, Greece

"One can only express admiration about Lionel Messi, although at the (Champions League) final he was surpassed by Andres Iniesta. The Spanish international midfielder was the top of the game."

Shintaro Kano, Kyodo news agency, Japan

"Barcelona had the last laugh and Messi, once again, underlined his credentials as arguably the world's best player this side of Cristiano Ronaldo. But let's not forget Bayern weren't too far off. Pep Guardiola's men dominated the Bundesliga."

Federico Giammaria, La Voz, Argentina

"For me, no doubt: This was Carlos Tevez's season. Leader, winner, a huge heart, and a great talent, the Argentine showed he can play and win anywhere in the world."

Chris Tait, The Herald, Scotland

"Juventus took a bit of a tumble in Berlin over the weekend but that need not define the season. They will come to appreciate the success of a domestic double, while the club has also restored some of the luster which Italian football has lost in recent years."

Peter Linden, Kronen Zeitung, Austria

"Place two for Real Madrid without a title is too good. For me, they should only be fifth position."

Soren-Mikael Hansen, Politiken, Denmark

"No arguments can take the top spots away from Barcelona and Lionel Messi. For the year to come to be really interesting, Chelsea need to step up a bit internationally - hopefully pressured by other English teams."

Mike McGrath, The Sun, England

"Premier League teams performed poorly in the Champions League this season but having four teams in the poll's top 10 shows strength in England. Two players among the leaders tells its own story."

Aurelio Capaldi, RAI Sports, Italy

"Juventus had an amazing season: They won the domestic titles and got the Champions League final, a result nobody expected at the start of the season. And it looks like they're on the right way to regain an important place on the European stage."

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