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New immigrant association visits underprivileged neighbors

New immigrant association visits underprivileged neighbors

The Kaohsiung New Immigrant Society Development Association visited underprivileged families ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival, giving them donations and emergency relief destined for the needy.

Tan Siou-yin, the director of the New Immigrant Society Development Association, visited the Qianzhen District and distributed the donations to those who are in need. Tan indicated that when they set the fund for the underprivileged, many Chinese spouses donated money and helped with the charity sale.

Tan said that the Chinese spouses who decided to move and live in Taiwan and wanted to build their homes here, had to wait for two more years to get their ID than immigrants from other countries. The policy makes them feel discriminated, so they will not only try to fight for their own rights, but to fight for ID rights in general.

Updated : 2021-09-25 18:40 GMT+08:00