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Increasing need for tour leaders attracts new immigrants

Increasing need for tour leaders attracts new immigrants

In recent years, the number of tourists from Southeast Asia has reached 1,000,000 every year, which comes with an increasing need for Southeast Asian language tour guides. After talks with the Ministry of Examination, the Tourism Bureau decided to add Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malaysian language exams, and successfully attracted many new immigrants to sign up for the exam.

The Ministry of Examination indicated that almost two thirds of the oral test participants are new immigrants, and all of them passed the test easily. They have been living in Taiwan for many years, and all of them have great Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. The new immigrants who joined the exam are outgoing and really enjoy traveling, and hope to gain more working experience by serving as a tour guide.

The tour guide association indicated that the acceptance rate this year has risen from 33 percent to 55 percent, and the travel agencies also have opened many vacancies, enabling the new immigrants to fulfill their tour guide dreams.

Updated : 2021-09-18 22:30 GMT+08:00