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Human rights activist Lynn Miles passed away

Human rights activist Lynn Miles passed away

Lynn Miles, a human rights activist who made massive contributions to Taiwan's democracy, died of cancer in Taipei Monday at the age of 72. Miles, born in New Jersey in 1943, came to Taiwan to learn Chinese in 1962. He became an activist aiming to help and save political prisoners in Taiwan, and due to his efforts, international human rights groups and the U.S. Congress began to notice and put pressure on the Kuomintang's martial law administration.

“Though Taiwan hasn’t become a complete democratic country with human rights, nevertheless, transforming into a liberal country from the dark age of White Terror in a comparatively short time is already a big step,” he said.

“There is no wrong being proud of Taiwanese identity,” Miles emphasized. Even though he was glad to see the progress on ethnic issues, he had one last hope for Taiwanese people: “I hope Taiwanese could pay more respect to the Southeast Asian countries, show more concern for their culture, and try to be friends with them. There are still many Taiwanese out there who hold discriminatory views about the new immigrants.”
Miles' last dreams could be accomplished with the help of all Taiwanese people: try to be eco-friendly, respect the culture, slow down development, and pay more concern to migrant laborers, be proud of your own history, and live happily on this island.

Updated : 2021-09-19 11:29 GMT+08:00