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China blacklists 38 "unwholesome" Japanese manga and anime


Shanghai, June 8 (CNA) China's Ministry of Culture on Monday announced that 38 Japanese anime and manga works will no longer be allowed to be distributed in the country, online or otherwise. Japanese anime and manga series blacklisted by the ministry include Attack on Titan (?????), Highschool of the Dead (?????) and Death Note (?????). The ministry said that 29 of China's leading Web portals including Sohu (??), Tencent (??) and Baidu (??) have received warnings and have been fined for supplying content containing sex and violence to minors. A ministry official said that the blacklist was imposed to prevent negative influence on Chinese youth from unwholesome content. It said that continued violations of the ban will result in the revoking of business licenses for offenders. Meanwhile, a number of avid fans in China have vented their disappointment on the Weibo micro blog, saying that such bans will only highlight the gulf in China's cultural diversity in relation to the outside world, and that such measures will not prevent those who are highly motivated in following their favorite shows, and will only aid the cultural incursion the authorities are trying to prevent. Another Chinese netizen agreed with the ministry, saying that he thought Attack on Titan was quite gory for his taste. (By Yin Chun-chieh and Ted Chen)

Updated : 2021-09-27 18:40 GMT+08:00