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NPUST raises fund for exchange student in coma

NPUST raises fund for exchange student in coma

A Hong Kong exchange student suffering from a recent car accident has been in a coma since May. Her teachers and students at school began a fundraising event and have since raised NT$2 million.

Tsen’s father has to support the family on his own by working in a part time job. In face of his daughter's accident, he felt hopeless and is deeply saddened by this tragic accident. However, due to the current situation at hand, he felt it was best to leave her in Taiwan to receive the best medical treatment possible.

Dai Chang-Xian, principal at NPUST, said other than offering Tsen’s family their biggest support, various department and campus associations have since started raising donations for her medical expenses.

Updated : 2021-09-16 23:34 GMT+08:00