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NIA helps an injured runaway labor home

NIA helps an injured runaway labor home

The injured runaway labor A-lo, accompanied by professional medical assistants, went safely back to Indonesia thanks to the help of National Immigration Agency (NIA) and the Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Bai Shao-hua, the deputy captain of Taichung Immigration Affairs, said A-lo fell down the elevator by accident while at work. She broke her legs and suffered from a brain injury, and was immediately sent to the emergency unit in a nearby hospital. After confirming her identity, the police found that her visa has expired and was not no longer covered by the national health insurance. Without knowing anybody in Taiwan, A-lo couldn’t pay for the big amount of medical expense; one of the police helped to contact the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office and found her family in Indonesia to deal with the money.

According to Bai, the case of A-lo was solved with the assistance of many groups and associations. A-lo's safe trip home is the endeavor of those who took part in the case.

Updated : 2021-09-22 21:44 GMT+08:00