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Principal’s speech sparks controversy

Principal’s speech sparks controversy

As the high school student protests against the Ministry of Education’s controversial adjustments to high-school curriculum guidelines spiral, a video of a principal’s address towards the protest during the flag-rising morning gathering sparks controversy.

The speech of Wu Ling high school’s principal was caught on camera and was posted on the Internet on June 4. He told the students to play their parts, which is studying. “If you want to participate in social movements, you shouldn’t have studied so hard in middle school and tried to get into Wu ling High School.” He then said he isn’t against nor for the movement but the students need to know what they are doing.

“Do you know who is behind all this, manipulating you? Do you know the whole picture? This subject will not cease because there’s an election next year,” said the principal of Wu Ling High School.

Wong Hao-yu, the city councilor of Taoyuan City, protested against the speech of the principal. He demands the principal to apologize for making comments as an authority figure and condemning the students’ freedom of speech.

Updated : 2021-09-24 01:42 GMT+08:00