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Former Largan engineers charged with industrial espionage

Former Largan engineers charged with industrial espionage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Six former employees of Largan Precision Co., Ltd. were charged Wednesday in an industrial espionage case involving the alleged theft of 445 computer files from the camera lens maker.
The company which was accused of being behind the affair, Taichung-based Ability Opto-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., and its former CEO, Lo Chang-chun, were also indicted on a variety of charges including breach of trust, violations of intellectual copyrights and protection of computer secrets.
When the allegations first surfaced in 2013, Largan asked for NT$1.5 billion (US$49.7 million) in compensation from Ability.
In 2011, Lo reportedly wanted Ability to acquire automatization technology as quickly as possible, and to that end he tried to recruit talent away from Largan. Five engineers came over, but they were accused of bringing confidential information with them and of registering relevant patents in China. They were also accused of obtaining 445 computer files through the help of people still working at Largan.
The Taichung District Prosecutors Office came to the conclusion Wednesday that there were charges to answer, and announced the official indictments against Ability, Lo and six former Largan employees, all men between the ages of 29 and 32.
They violated Largan rules by copying vital company information on disks and used it as a base for their work at Ability, prosecutors said
After the announcement of the charges, Largan said it would not comment until it had received the relevant documents, but it emphasized it would continue to defend its intellectual property rights and its patents.

Updated : 2021-09-29 07:05 GMT+08:00