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TFDA urges public to 'pause, look and listen' on healthcare purchase

TFDA urges public to 'pause, look and listen' on healthcare purchase

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) urged the public Sunday to grasp the “pause, look and listen” mindset when selecting the right healthcare products, including the need to carefully go over the packaging and labeling descriptions before each purchase, or consult a professional physician for advice should you have second thoughts on their health benefits.

Given the vast variety of healthcare products and nutritional supplements found on the market, the TFDA pointed out in its weekly periodical that the administration has set up a safety review board to advise consumers from making healthcare purchases deemed for their exaggerated health benefits.

Under the implemented mechanism, only those that have passed their purported nutritional values and safety standards will be deemed certified “healthcare products,” according to the report.

In order to make the right choice of healthcare products, consumers must learn to grasp the “pause, look and listen” mindset as described by health authorities.

“Pause” – Take a moment to consider if the selected item is actually beneficial to you, health-wise.

“Look” – Carefully read the descriptions on the packaging and check for the certified logo with approval number, including healthcare nutrition facts, warning signs and precautions.

“Listen” – Consult a qualified nutritionist or physician before making any purchase to ensure that the purported health benefits are actually good for you.

With so many dietary supplements available and the claims made about their health benefits, health authorities advise against the over-consumption of healthcare products, reminding consumers to keep track of any side effect should it occur.

Updated : 2021-09-18 21:24 GMT+08:00