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Saturday, May 30

Saturday, May 30

Today is Saturday, May 30, the 150th day of 2015. There are 215 days left in the year.

Highlights in history on this date:

1431 - After being handed over by the church, who judged her a heretic, Joan of Arc is burned at the stake in Rouen, France, by the English and their French collaborators.

1539 - Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto lands in Florida.

1588 - Spanish Armada under Duke of Medina sails from Lisbon for England.

1593 - Playwright Christopher Marlowe is killed in a lodging house brawl outside London.

1606 - Sikh Guru Arjun is tortured to death in Lahore -- now part of Pakistan -- on the orders of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, becoming Sikhism's first martyr.

1808 - France's Napoleon Bonaparte annexes Tuscany in Italy.

1814 - First Treaty of Paris is signed between European countries and France, ending Napoleonic wars until the return of Napoleon from exile on Elba.

1904 - Japanese forces occupy Dalmy (Darien) in Russia.

1911 - Ray Harroun wins the first long-distance auto race in Indianapolis.

1913 - Turkey loses almost all of its European holdings to the Balkan states in a treaty signed in London, ending the First Balkan War.

1925 - British police kill 13 demonstrators in Shanghai, provoking months of demonstrations and boycotts against British goods in China. The incident greatly bolsters the tiny Communist party.

1942 - British convoy reaches Murmansk, Soviet Union, despite heavy air attacks in World War II; Britain's Royal Air Force stages massive raid on Cologne, Germany.

1943 - American forces secure the Aleutian island of Attu from the Japanese during World War II.

1958 - Unidentified U.S. soldiers killed in World War II and the Korean conflict are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

1961 - Rafael Trujillo, dictator of Dominican Republic, is assassinated by machine-gun fire while driving.

1963 - Official death toll in windstorm that struck East Pakistan is put at 10,000.

1967 - Egypt's President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Jordan's King Hussein sign a mutual defense treaty, prompting Israel to strike pre-emptively a week later, starting the Six-Day War.

1989 - Student demonstrators at Tiananmen Square in Beijing erect a 33-foot (10-meter) statue they call the "Goddess of Democracy."

1994 - Israel releases hundreds of Palestinian prisoners as part of its autonomy agreement with the PLO.

1995 - Russia formalizes a broad relationship with NATO but warns anew that the alliance's plans for an eastward expansion could divide Europe.

1998 - A powerful earthquake rocks northern Afghanistan, burying entire villages and killing thousands of people.

1999 - Fifty-two teen-agers are trampled to death as they try to escape a sudden hailstorm that interrupted an outdoor rock concert in Minsk, Belarus.

2005 - A decisive victory in Beirut legislative elections for the son of slain former Premier Rafik Hariri marks a turning point in Lebanese politics -- a solid rejection of Syria that began with the February assassination.

2007 - Mountaineering officials confirm that Katsusuke Yanagisawa, a retired schoolteacher, became the oldest person to climb Mount Everest at 71 years, 2 months and 2 days old when he reached the 29,035-foot (8,850-meter) peak on May 22.

2011 - Europe's economic powerhouse, Germany, announces plans to abandon nuclear energy over the next 11 years.

2012 - Iran and other Mideast countries are hit with a computer virus that can eavesdrop on computer users and their co-workers and filch information from nearby cell phones. Suspicion immediately falls on Israel.

2013 -- Syrian President Bashar Assad says in a broadcast interview he is "'confident in victory" in his country's civil war.

2014 -- The State Department confirms that a U.S. citizen launched a suicide bombing against Syrian government troops in what is believed to be the first time an American has been involved in such attacks since the start of the Syrian civil war.

Today's Birthdays:

Mikhail Bakunin, Russian anarchist (1814-1876); Howard Hawks, U.S. film director (1896-1977); Hannes Alfven, Swedish astrophysicist/Nobel Prize laureate (1908-1995); Mel Blanc, U.S. entertainer (1908-1989); Benny Goodman, U.S. musician (1909-1986); Clint Walker, actor (1927--); Wynonna Judd, U.S. country singer (1964--).

Thought For Today:

To write or to speak is almost inevitably to lie a little. It is an attempt to clothe an intangible in a tangible form; to compress an immeasurable into a mold. And in the act of compression, how Truth is mangled and torn! -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American writer.

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