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Yunlin County gets subsidy to improve reading habits

Yunlin County gets subsidy to improve reading habits

The Yunlin County Government's Cultural Affairs Department applied for about a NT$4 million subsidy from the Ministry of Education to improve reading habits. From 2015, the authorities plan to improve a series of activities, such as children reading improvement, multiform reading, adding collections, and reading local languages.

Due to many new immigrants living in Yunlin County, the Cultural Affairs Department specially set up the new immigrant reading area and trained new immigrant storytellers. Besides, the authority encourages babies to read, so people can get a gift bag when applying for a baby library card.

In Yunlin County, there are 23 libraries receiving subsidies from the Yunlin County Government and from township offices. The authorities expect more and more people will come to love reading.

Updated : 2021-09-26 18:55 GMT+08:00