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Mystery surrounds movements of Italy's Tunisia Bardo suspect

Mystery surrounds movement of Tunisia Bardo suspect after arriving in Italy with migrants

Mystery surrounds movements of Italy's Tunisia Bardo suspect

ROME (AP) -- Italy's interior minister is defending its handling of a suspect in Tunisia's Bardo museum massacre amid questions about his movements after he arrived in Italy with a boat full of rescued migrants.

The mystery surrounding Abdelmajid Touil intensified Thursday, with authorities saying it appeared he was in Italy in the days before and after the attack.

Touil was arrested on Tuesday on a Tunisian arrest warrant at the home of his mother in Gaggiano, near Milan, on accusations that he helped plan and execute the March 18 Bardo massacre, which killed 22 people.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano insisted to Parliament that there were no terrorism-related concerns about Touil when he arrived Feb. 17. As is routine for newly arrived migrants, Touil was fingerprinted, which then helped police positively identify him.

Updated : 2021-09-19 13:25 GMT+08:00