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Beijing court jails 2 over drag-racing supercar smashup

Beijing court jails 2 young men who crashed Lamborghini and Ferrari in late-night road race

Beijing court jails 2 over drag-racing supercar smashup

BEIJING (AP) -- A Beijing court has sentenced two young men to up to five months in jail for dangerous driving, a month after they crashed a Lamborghini and a Ferrari in a late-night race through Beijing.

The Chaoyang District Court said Thursday that Tang Wentian, 21, and Yu Muchun, 20, were convicted of dangerously operating motor vehicles, and that neither is appealing the verdict. Tang was sentenced to five months and Yu to four.

The court said Tang's Lamborghini reached speeds over 179 kilometers per hour (111 mph) and that Yu's Ferrari went over 165 kph (102 mph) in their race on April 11. One passenger in Tang's car was injured.

The court said the men were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Updated : 2021-09-28 05:46 GMT+08:00