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Tainan authorities reveal four tainted starch-related food items

Tainan authorities reveal four tainted starch-related food items

Tainan health authorities announced in their finding that four starch-related food items have failed to pass food safety regulations, and have requested businesses to pull them from shelves, reports said Thursday.

The four affected items include: Ah-Yun’s noodles from Tainan, Der-Fu’s traditional hakka noodles from Kaohsiung, Song-Buo Food’s oolong noodles from Tainan, and ginger slices from Kaohsiung’s Lu-Chu market.

Authorities conducted random inspections on 61 starch-related food items sold in traditional markets and supermarkets across Tainan city. The produce targeted includes a variety of rice noodles, rice cakes, hakka noodles, fried chicken/starch powders, ramen noodles, and so forth.

The inspections were carried out to see if they contained harmful chemical substances, including maleic anhydride, preservatives, and peroxide.

The four tainted food items were discovered to have contained excessive preservatives, authorities said, adding that the ginger slices also showed 40 times the level of sulphur dioxide permitted.

Suppliers and distributors of these tainted items have been requested by authorities to pull them from shelves and destroyed effective Thursday.

Updated : 2021-09-25 00:36 GMT+08:00