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To join al-Qaida, first a few questions

For aspiring members of al-Qaida: 'Any hobbies or pastimes?' Ever convicted of a crime?

To join al-Qaida, first a few questions

In Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida, applicants for the terrorist roster were asked a battery of sometimes surprisingly mundane questions, according to a U.S. translation of captured documents.

Among them:

--"Any hobbies or pastimes?"

--"What is your favorite material: science or literature?"

--"Date of your arrival in the land of Jihad"

--"Have you ever been convicted by any court?" When and for what offense?

--"Do you have any chronic or hereditary diseases?"

Other questions were of a more chilling variety:

--"Do you wish to execute a suicide operation?"

--"Who should we contact in case you become a martyr?" Provide address and phone numbers.

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