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Italian cycling team summoned for breaching rules

Bardiani-CSF team summoned by doping group for entering rider with low cortisol level in Giro

Italian cycling team summoned for breaching rules

PARIS (AP) -- The Movement for Credible Cycling as summoned the Bardiani-CSF team to a meeting next month after one of its riders entered the Giro d'Italia despite an abnormally low cortisol level.

The MPCC -- a group of teams holding to stricter anti-doping measures than those of cycling's governing body -- says it asked the team not to enter the rider in the three-week race and to suspend him for eight days from the date the sample was taken.

But Bardiani-CSF, a member of the group, disregarded the advice and did not remove the rider, whose identity has not been revealed.

Low cortisol levels can indicate cortisone doping.

The MPCC said a total of 263 cortisol level tests have been run this year in collaboration with the International Cycling Union.

Updated : 2021-09-24 04:08 GMT+08:00