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Poehler, Kaling get emotional in Pixar's 'Inside Out'

Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling get emotional in Pixar's mind-bending 'Inside Out' at Cannes

Poehler, Kaling get emotional in Pixar's 'Inside Out'

CANNES, France (AP) -- Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling get a little emotional in Pixar's animated feature "Inside Out."

The actor-writer-comedians play Joy and Disgust, two of the emotions struggling for control of the brain of an 11-year-old girl. They're joined by Fear, Sadness and Anger in a visual spectacular that -- if Cannes audience reaction is anything to go by -- pulls off a mind-bending concept that has been likened to an animated "Inception."

Speaking Tuesday after the film's Cannes premiere, Poehler said that on paper, the plot sounds a little conceptual.

"But then when you actually see it it's just a really good character study and like a funny version of a bunch of people who should not be working together having to work together. And we're all used to that experience."

Updated : 2021-09-17 03:30 GMT+08:00