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WHO: Humanitarian crisis unfolding among Burundi refugees

WHO: Severe humanitarian crisis developing among Burundi refugees in Tanzania as numbers rise

WHO: Humanitarian crisis unfolding among Burundi refugees

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) -- The World Health Organization says a severe humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Tanzania as thousands of Burundians seek refuge there because of political tensions back home.

WHO said in a statement Tuesday that the situation is "especially worrisome" in Tanzania's Kagunga village, where the original population of 11,382 has increased to over 90,000 since April.

It said between 500 and 2,000 people are arriving daily, overwhelming the health infrastructure.

Cases of acute diarrhea and cholera have been confirmed among the refugees, and experts who assessed the situation have recommended emergency measures to ensure a timely response in the Kigoma region near the border with Burundi, according to WHO.

Amid political unrest, more than 105,000 Burundians have sought refuge in Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo.

Updated : 2021-09-23 17:23 GMT+08:00