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New immigrants express self-confidence through dance performance

New immigrants express self-confidence through dance performance

In a bid to help new immigrants in the community inspire interests in dance, the “2015 New Immigrant Dance Performance” organized by the Xinyi District Office in Taipei City was especially well received by spectators at the Xinyi District Administration Center.

The courses offered by the district office primarily teaches Taiwanese indigenous dance, but traditional Japanese dance is also offered for those interested. The courses are taught by Jiang Fen, a skilled teacher backed by years of experience.

Under 39 hours of intensive training, the participants displayed their fruits of labor through carefully choreographed performances that include: Japanese “Shibu” dance, Taiwanese indigenous “We are the world” dance, and among others.

Jiang Fen herself boasts of mix heritage through her Taiwanese father and Japanese mother. A second-generation immigrant, Fen often leads dance groups to perform overseas.

“In the eyes of a foreigner, the indigenous dance is the best representation of Taiwan,” she said.

Updated : 2021-09-24 05:42 GMT+08:00