Hsinchu Baoshan Tung Blossom Festival presents Hakka spirit

Hsinchu County's Baoshan Township held the “2015 Tung Blossom Festival” on May 2, including a hiking activity, a musical concert, and Hakka spots touring. With the art activity and natural scenery, visitors can experience the Hakka spirit and local culture.

Baoshan township office said that this area planted not only Tung flowers but also a lot of sugar cane so that visitors can experience the procedure of sugar cane harvest and making sugar. The Hsinchu sugar area was built up by Lee Rung-feng. In addition, this community promoted many social welfare affairs, such as elderly care, and taking care of new immigrants. The National Immigration Agency plans to establish a new immigrant service center in this area.

The 2015 Tung Blossom Festival included hiking at Baoshan Dam, Hakka singer performances, and folk song shows.