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Commercial Times: Create a new highlight for cross-strait ties

Since the Sunflower Movement erupted in Taiwan in March last year, many issues under negotiation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have hit a bottleneck. Under these circumstances, the governments on either side should shift their focus to the external environment and try to find new points of interest for cross-strait relations. Among the possible platforms that can be used to upgrade cross-strait ties are China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The "One Belt, One Road" initiative -- referred to the Silk Road economic belt and 21st Century maritime Silk Road -- is closely connected with cross-strait economic and trade ties. In a document released recently, Beijing said it will make proper arrangement for Taiwan to take part in the infrastructure development projects to be promoted under the initiative. Taipei and Beijing should negotiate the related issues as soon as possible, such as building logistic transshipment centers at some Taiwan ports and cross-strait joint ventures to set up an e-commerce operations center. These plans would significantly enhance and expand the cross-strait economic and trade cooperation mechanism, which will in turn create a new atmosphere for cross-strait relations. More importantly, it would be best if Taiwan's bid to join the AIIB could produce a satisfactory result soon. The AIIB not only presents an opportunity for Taiwan to participate in the international community, but also involves many new financial business opportunities. Specifically, it will build a new international financial system dominated by the Chinese yuan. If Taiwan can become a member of the AIIB, the country's financial sector will be hooked up to a new yuan market, which will bring fresh growth momentum to Taiwan's overall economy. (Editorial abstract -- May 16, 2015) (By Y.F. Low)

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