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Taiwan son-in-law holds “non finito” sculpture exhibition

Taiwan son-in-law holds “non finito” sculpture exhibition

Pierre Cerviotti, a French sculptor who married a Taiwanese girl, held an exhibition in Kaohsiung, titled “non finito”, which is also his first exhibition after becoming a Taiwan son-in-law.

Cerviotti is one of the few artists who takes care of every phase in the process of sculpting. He handle the molding, de-waxing, shaping, and coloring with great academic art skills. After moving to Taiwan, he started to add the local element to his art. He combined the figure of a Taiwanese old man who picks scrap for living and a Greek Goddess, which mixed the tradition and modern, western and eastern art elements. In his latest work, he combined the tree skin and the human skin tissue, a work popular among the audience.

The Artistic Director of Taiwan Artcci Company, Hsieh Jia-lin, said that Cerviotti is a vital artist, and suggested everyone should come to the exhibition.

Updated : 2021-09-18 13:30 GMT+08:00