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Chinese spouse raises handicapped son without complaints

Chinese spouse raises handicapped son without complaints

Lu Yanhua, a Chinese spouse from Guangdong who isn’t defeated by the fate of raising her severely and profoundly handicapped son, faces the difficulty with no regret. “I never regret having given birth to my son, it is him who makes me a stronger person.”

Moving to an unfamiliar place like Hualien was a great challenge for her. She never cooked before, and didn’t know how to speak Taiwanese in the beginning, so she used to hide and weep a lot. When discovering her little son was severely and profoundly handicapped, she learned how to be a caregiver by taking care of him. “The whole family’s lives changed because of him,” said Lu. The family became closer after the son was born, and she also got to know many other parents who also have handicapped kids, so they exchanged experiences and encouraged each other.

Lu said, “Not many people get to live a life like this, I endure the defect of life and pursue the perfect life. ”

Updated : 2021-09-25 15:13 GMT+08:00