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Kimei nurse wins individual contribution award

Kimei nurse wins individual contribution award

Lee Shiu-hui, a nurse who has been with the Chimei gynecology center for 26 years, does not shy away from extending her assistance whenever possible, especially towards new immigrant mothers. Due to her kindness and consideration, she went on to win the mother and infant contribution award of 2015.

Through her assistance, Lee provides consultations for pregnant women regarding breast feeding to pre-labor education. She is always willing to help new parents. In recent years, more and more foreign spouses settled down in Taiwan and Lee always extended her help when needed. She also plays the rule of communicating between mother and daughter-in-law. For instance, Vietnamese women don’t eat herbal medicines after giving birth, and sometimes the Taiwanese mothers-in-laws give them the oily chicken soup or black herbal soup which they sometimes feel weird or terrified. Lee will help them to communicate under these kind of situations.

Having worked in nursing for 26 years, Lee always tells herself that it makes her job meaningful as long as one person feels comfortable for her service.

Updated : 2021-09-29 06:40 GMT+08:00