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"Fabulous Taiwan" photography contest held for exchange students

"Fabulous Taiwan" photography contest held for exchange students

Foreign student Randy Carcamo from the National Taipei University of Technology took his camera and traveled around Taiwan, from the mountains to the beaches, and from famous tourist spots to where protests took place, he recorded the passion of Taiwanese people by taking pictures, and won first place in the Fabulous Taiwan photography contest.

Carcamo, who hails from Belize, said that Taiwan is a very beautiful country, and he received a lot of help from Taiwanese people when he took a bicycle trip from Taipei to Kenting last year. He took pictures of people he met and of special scenery during the trip while trying to imagine the stories behind the pictures. He said he was very touched by the scene of a homeless guy wearing “Taiwan is my country” on his T-shirt, sitting on the side of the road in the Sunflower Movement.

Carcamo won first prize in the Fabulous Taiwan Photography contest with the series of pictures titled “Where the passion of life comes from.” He said Taiwan changed his life.

Updated : 2021-09-19 00:18 GMT+08:00