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Life resumes in Macedonian town after deadly weekend clashes

Residents return to parts of Macedonian town where battle between police, gunmen, killed 22

Life resumes in Macedonian town after deadly weekend clashes

KUMANOVO, Macedonia (AP) -- Residents are returning to their homes in a northern Macedonian town where a fierce weekend battle between special police units and alleged ethnic Albanian militants left 22 dead and at least 37 injured.

Schools remain closed in Kumanovo, where several houses were destroyed in the ethnic Albanian district of Diva Naselba.

A group of 30 gunmen who surrendered have been charged by police with terrorism-related charges, and were appearing before an investigating magistrate in the capital, Skopje, Monday.

The fighting came as Macedonia faces its deepest political crisis since independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1991. The government and the opposition have accused each other of planning to destabilize the country to take or preserve power and some analysts fear leaders on both sides are ready to provoke ethnic clashes.

Updated : 2021-09-20 05:24 GMT+08:00