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24/7 library to nurture the mind, light up New Taipei City

24/7 library to nurture the mind, light up New Taipei City

The New Taipei City Government has started test operation of its new main library located within the Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park (Tpark) in Banciao, a business cluster built upon the vision of smart technologies and environmental sustainability. The new library will be open around the clock to accommodate students, book enthusiasts, and even night owls. The book-shaped building is further surrounded by fields of green along with a biological pond designed to retain and utilize rainwater. A ceremony was held Sunday to mark the opening of the new city library with the attendance of New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu, Legislator Chiang Huei-chen, New Taipei City Councilor Lin Kuo-chun, Executive Yuan Spokesperson Sun Lih-chyun, and artists inside and outside the country. Chu said in his opening remarks that the new city library, a human-centered design, offers a cozy reading space for both early risers and night owls. Residents in the New Taipei City also appreciate the idea of keeping library doors unlocked around the clock to light up the city and to further nurture the mind. Furthermore, the new library can accommodate a vast collection of books and magazines in different languages. Housing 10 floors, the New Taipei City Library features a unique 24-hour library circulation system that combines automatic storage and retrieval management system. Users simply need to click on the desired book to borrow, and place their library card in front of the sensor, the system will then automatically pick up the requested book from the back of the shelf. Visitors can observe the automation in life action through a huge glass window. This modernized automatic storage and retrieval system will only take 30 seconds to finish the lending service. Green architecture and intelligent city New Taipei City Library is aesthetically beautiful to look at. Its architecture integrates the combination of human factor, digital technology, and green architecture. From the exterior, the building bears the resemblance of a pile of books. In the nighttime, it turns into a cluster of boxes with glitter gift wrapping paper in different colors. In the interior, the lobby ceiling is crafted to architectural model with diamond shape and uses white as the theme color of the space. The spacious reading sections and its surrounding facilities also provide a user-friendly environment for the disabled. During the day, visitors can see through the glass window and spot the beautiful lawn outside this modern curved and high-tech building. The new city library reflects the high standard of green architecture in Taiwan and outperforms in the aspect of energy efficiency, water retention, reduction of carbon emission, and improvement on the water and waste management. New Taipei City Library locates at Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park, a home to large green surroundings dotted with numerous multinational tech companies. Tpark has an artificial intelligent water conservation system that recycles and stores rainwater through an underground permeable zone. The rainwater can balance the climate of the park and water the plants and trees of the park. This water conservation system not only diminishes the burden of the underground water system and it also maximizes the water efficiency. This is a great example of sustainable development.

Updated : 2021-09-17 12:44 GMT+08:00