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Male Taiwanese Macaque adopts abandoned kittens

Male Taiwanese Macaque adopts abandoned kittens

12 years old male Taiwanese Macaque who lives in Shoushan National Nature Park adopts 6 stray kittens consecutively. He copies the female Taiwanese Macaque around and care for the kittens like a mother.

Lin Mei-mei, the spokesman for the Taiwanese Macaque (Formosan Rock Monkeys), said that the male Taiwanese Macaque named Fourth Brother never had a partner because he doesn’t like other female Taiwanese Macaque. He is the outsider of the Macaque group. Perhaps it is because he doesn’t have a partner nor a child, he started to care for the kittens in the area as he imitates the female Taiwanese Macaque with babies.

It is easy for the kittens to lose their body temperature in the forest; therefore, the survival rate is quite low. However, Fourth brother takes good care of the kittens as if they are one of his children. He picks out fleas and uses his tongue to clean the fur of the kittens. If the kittens are restless, he would lull the kittens to sleep.

There are 1,100 to 1,400 Taiwanese Macaques in Shoushan National Nature Park. The experts of Taiwanese Macaque, Lin Jing-fu, said that Taiwanese Macaque would never kill other felines or hurt them. Additionally, the vet said the kittens that were previously under the care of Fourth Brother are very well taken care of for they cannot find any parasites on the kittens.

The administration of Shoushan National Nature Park advises the public not to abandon their pets for it can create an adverse effect on the natural habitat of Taiwanese Macaque.

Updated : 2021-09-26 09:15 GMT+08:00