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Poll: 53.7% doubt the safety of the nuclear power in Taiwan

Poll: 53.7% doubt the safety of the nuclear power in Taiwan

The difficult issues of climate change and energy policies can directly influence the livelihood of the public as the threats of climate change becomes more prevalent.

Recently, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy conducted a survey on “Taiwanese People’s Attitudes towards Climate Change and Energy”, which demonstrates many people are concerned over the government’s stand point over these issues.

In the topic of climate change, 74% of Taipei residents felt that the government did not give importance to climate change. 82% of the public felt that current government efforts at energy efficiency and carbon reduction were insufficient, 89.2% of the public urged the government to pick up its speed in adopting green house gases related laws.

When it comes to the energy issues, 53.7% of respondents still do not support nuclear power policies despite the government has given assurance of the nuclear power plants’ safety. The poll results indicate that most of the public remain with serious doubts about Taiwan continuing to build nuclear power plants. At the same time, 71.9% of them supported no growth in overall future energy use and thought that the government should implement measures for controlling the transportation pollution and developing alternative energy.

Taiwan is a small island country; it is more vulnerable to the adversity of climate change. Therefore, it is not surprising that 76.8% of the public felt Taiwan is a “moderate risk nation” or “high risk nation” in the face of the dangers of climate change.

The survey results indicated that 90.7% of respondents thought climate change was underway, higher than the corresponding 63% of Americans. Climate change issue is widely concerned by Taiwanese and it requires more government attention.

Updated : 2021-09-23 06:06 GMT+08:00