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BC--Americas Digest

BC--Americas Digest


MISSISSIPPI-OFFICERS KILLED - Four suspects are arrested after two Mississippi police officers are shot to death during a traffic stop, the first police deaths to hit the city of Hattiesburg in three decades. By Rebecca Santana. SENT: 620 words, photos. With: VIDEO US MS COPS KILLED.

SEVERE WEATHER - Another round of severe weather takes aim at the American heartland, while a tropical storm spins off the coast of South Carolina and snow falls in Colorado and South Dakota. SENT: 500 words, photos.


WASHINGTON -- Hillary Rodham Clinton's family foundation, already the subject of intense scrutiny in the early days of her White House campaign, faces an uncertain future if she is elected president. Among the unresolved questions: Who would be able to raise money for the Clinton Foundation? Could it begin new projects, both at home and overseas? Is there way it could operate unburdened by conflicts of interest, real or perceived, while one of its founders sits in the White House? By Julie Pace. AP Photos.


WASHINGTON -- Leaders of Gulf nations unnerved by Washington's nuclear talks with Iran and Tehran's meddling across the Mideast look to President Barack Obama to promise more than words and weapons at Thursday's Camp David summit. They want commitments from Obama that the United States has their backs at a time when the region is under siege from Islamic extremists, Syria continues to unravel, Iraq is volatile and Yemen is in chaos. By Deb Riechmann. AP Photos.


ASUNCION, Paraguay -- One of Paraguay's leading churchmen acknowledges that the nation has been split over the case of a pregnant 10-year-old girl denied an abortion. By Pedro Servin.


MEXICO CITY -- Authorities in the Mexican border state of Chihuahua say they're probing a shooting that seriously wounded a former police chief who had been targeted by drug cartels while cutting crime in violence-wracked Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- An overhaul of Haiti's adoption system has included unprecedented steps to close substandard orphanages and protect parents from being manipulated into giving up their children. But it also means fewer kids are available to be adopted overseas -- an outcome viewed as alarming or welcome depending on one's position in a fierce global debate. By Ben Fox and David Crary. About 950 words. AP photos.


UNDATED -- Youth pastor Bruce Sperling and his wife hoped to adopt a child, but their plans were cut short when he drowned in 2006 while trying to save an imperiled kayaker. Nine years into widowhood, Jill Sperling is pursuing that dream with efforts to adopt a boy from Haiti. By AP National Writer David Crary.


GEORGETOWN, Guyana -- A ruling party in power for over two decades in Guyana faces off in general elections Monday against a new coalition of opposition parties that accuse President Donald Ramotar's government of chronic mismanagement and corruption. By Bert Wilkinson.


Chile revealed last week that endangered sei whales had been found beached in the country for the first time. The more than 30 dead whales were discovered on the southern coast in late April by scientists, who released photographs with the government's announcement. Crime again left emotions raw across Latin America and the Caribbean. By The Associated Press.

AP Photos.


GUATEMALA CITY -- Wiretappings in a Guatemala tax corruption case indicate that a judge-bribing scheme to free some of the accused from jail may have reached the country's supreme court. Recorded telephone calls obtained by The Associated Press show backdoor negotiating between businessman Luis Mendizabal, lawyers and suspects to free those detained in a scheme to defraud the state of millions of dollars in customs payments. In a call dated April 16, Mendizabal tells detainee Javier Ortiz to remain calm because he will be out soon. By Sonia Perez D..

AP Photos.



LOS ANGELES -- The "Age of Ultron" is not over. The Avengers sequel topped the domestic box office for the second weekend in a row with an estimated $77.2 million according to Rentrak estimates Sunday. The film has earned a staggering $312.9 million in just 10 days in theaters, tying with "The Dark Knight" to become the second-fastest film to do so. By Lindsey Bahr.

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