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Exemplary mother commendation

Exemplary mother commendation

Taipei's Zhongshan District office will commend 27 disadvantaged mothers on May 10, including single, new immigrant, aboriginal families to show the respect and gratitude to the mothers.

In order to show the diversity and multicultural background of the nominees, the exemplary mothers were picked by the community office. There will be four kinds of awards, diligent mothers, courageous mothers, aboriginal mothers and new immigrant mothers. The district chief, Lin Bin-tzung, indicated that harmony comes from stable families, and the warmness of the family comes from the sacrifice of the mothers.

The Zhongshan District partners with the Culture Improvement Association to hold the Mother’s Day event, inviting the Kung-wen Kindergarten to perform folk dancing.

Updated : 2021-09-20 04:18 GMT+08:00