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Military serviceman sets up online webpage for blind farmer

Military serviceman sets up online webpage for blind farmer

Yeh Mong-de, who served his substitute military service at Hushan Elementary School in Nantou, heard some of the teachers talking about a woman named A-tsui who was having a hard time in Taiwan, and needed help very urgently. Yeh volunteered to set up a Facebook page and raise money for her, even after he finished his service at the elementary school.

A-tsui’s husband Chang Shi-cheh lost his sight in a working accident, but he never gave up or became desperate. He runs a resort with his father. The story of Chang touched Yeh deeply and he decided to offer his help to them. He set up a webpage for them, and visited their farm on his day off, uploading the latest pictures.

Yeh said his grandparents are both from a farmers' family. “The smallholders need more attention and company, so every time I see Chang, his situation reminds me of my grandparents,“ said Yeh, who writes articles for the resort even after he already finished his military service.

Updated : 2021-09-17 00:09 GMT+08:00